Tom Robinson

Region: Midwest


City / State: Chicago, IL

The Twins series was conceived in 2007 while working on a project with Redmoon Theater. I learned to gang cut my wood mosaics to provide a mirror image. The first mosaic took eight months to complete. I now have eleven sets completed.

The subjects are chosen from models that pose for my Sunday life drawing class. The pieces are started as photographs which I take. They are made of natural woods triple glued to a plywood base. Hung from a cleat and stand about two inches from the wall. They are totally flat with only a slight curvature to the eyes.

Throughout my life I have continued to observe human feelings: joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, anger and compassion in order to integrate them into my artwork. Each individual is extremely complex. By intimately observing someone, I witness the simultaneous existence of emotions as revealed through their faces. I approach each of my mosaics/drawings with the intention of capturing as many emotions as exist within an individual at any given moment.