Todd D. Reed

Region: Midwest

City / State: Bolingbrook, IL

Our experiences are at any given moment heavily influenced by design. Artificiality permeates most aspects of reality. As a culture, we are constantly interacting with architectural space, graphic design, text, imagery, and objects. Within urban, suburban, and rural spaces, the landscape can at times be saturated with the man-made. As we move through these spaces, our visual memory is experiencing an overload. Ultimately, much of what we see within these saturated landscapes never fully materializes in our memory as an image or as a picture. We end up with an accumulation of sensate, non-pictorial memories that can’t quite be placed into a logical pictorial syntax. As a painter, I am very interested in how we see and remember these types of spatial experiences. The interaction of color, shape, and three-dimensional edge places the viewer in a similarly peculiar perceptual state.