Timothy Kadish

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.timothykadish.com

City / State: STOUGHTON, MA

My work is an ongoing account, a product of negotiating stimuli. The source is everyday happenings and the media's splurge. I respond to the varied visual phenomenon with forms and ways of marking. To be clear, it is the organization of visual elements that I am interested in. To arrange and record is to acknowledge and to reconcile. And as a student and product of Art History, I tend to combine numerous informed techniques in each work. For example: thick "frosting-like" rainbows of oil and a natural linen surface that are "about" the materials, Asian inspired techniques and images, graphic based images of the computer generation, graffiti-born affects, and kitsch-based floral elements, all working together in an arranged format creating a sort of "functional order," often within the landscape template. I find it necessary to emulate the 21st century's overarching perspective on history and current events in my own work. I feel this "world-view" is a truly important aspect of our mythology. Through this intention I offer my own perspective, a personal translation. That is, I work to be a conscience contributor to the storehouse of expression that is our current / contemporary mythology.