Timmy Graham

Region: Northeast

I spent ten years sacrificing, studying and working like a madman in the pursuit of creating a new style of art. I call my creation "Fourth Dimensionalism." Fourth Dimensionalism is based on spatial elements. Fourth Dimensionalism uses measured distances to create a visual image. This approach defies the artist order.

To understand this phenomenon, you must have a deep understanding in the science of color. Each and every color, when encounter by light is a measured distance on the color spectrum. In Fourth Dimensionalism, each and every color is looked upon as measured distance, whether that distance is negative or positive. Because of this, every brushstroke (I prefer to call each brushstroke an individual plane) is considered a measured distance. This is the foundation in which Fourth Dimensionalism is based on.

Picasso investigated spatial paintings towards the latter part of his life by drawing with a light stick in the dark, because it was a light stick, it wasn't permanent. Picasso wasn't able to understand working in the fourth dimension, it was far to abstract for him. I understand, investigated and created a verifiable approach to working in the fourth dimension. No artist in the history of mankind and/or on this planet has entered this realm of thinking.

Fourth Dimensionalism is a concrete and verifiable new style of art and a new approach to making art. With patience and calculation, I am systematically launching my creation, Fourth Dimensionalism, to the world.