Tim McFarlane

Gallery Affiliations: Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Region: Northeast

Relationships between time, memory, and movement form the primary foundation for my paintings. The masses of forms overlapping, supporting, and negating each other in my work mirror observations of everyday life; of how people interact with each other and their surroundings, as well as how the passage of time imposes itself on the memory of experience. I am interested in creating connections in my work for the viewer that may lead to a more unique understanding and meaning.

My paintings are built up in a combination of open and opaque layers, creating a sense of interdependence, history and chance happenings within the works. Dynamic color relationships and drawing form the organizational base for my paintings, creating spaces for entry into and discovery beyond the completed image. Filtered through experience, observation, and memory, I aim to build a dialogue with the viewer that reflects a personal experience with the world, but remains open-ended enough to allow for multiple readings and new discoveries.