Tim Kent

Region: South

Website: http://www.timkentart.com

City / State: Atlanta, GA

The two-dimensional picture plane of painting has shifted from a standardized formal element to a pattern of behavior. Through executing what is most important to my practice, I encourage the viewer to focus on the structure, where I use traditional canvas-building techniques. The majority of the formal elements are made during the canvas creation stage, before I ever put a brushstroke to the surface. The end result emphasizes sculptural forms and explores the parallel nature of painting and sculpture. A deep respect for craftsmanship manifests itself throughout the process. Each work starts with a reductive language of basic design principles to create graphic compositions. The volumes of the canvas and the surrounding space are used as chiseling tools to give an understanding of line, shadow, and form. My work allows the audience to visualize the environment, as well as to consider how the surface of a plane and the edge and interior of a canvas can all create an important avenue for discovering and uncovering.