Tiffany Pollack

Gallery Affiliations: Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert Gallery

Region: Northeast

Tiffany Pollack throws and builds ceramics, glazing them with figurative images of friends, family, animals. She paints with her ceramics in mind, aware of their form and fragility, relating those characteristics to her subjects.

Many of Pollack's paintings investigate the ceramic and its relationship to the portrait. Vessels meant to contain specific matter appear as formal as well as conceptual solutions.

Personally relevant imagery lends a complicated undercurrent to Tiffany Pollack's work. Passages of painterly flurries, drips, abstractions, acknowledge that painting, perhaps, is not the truest way to depict things as we see or remember, but that same expression simultaneously asks "what would be truer?"

Pollack captures fleeting moments, interesting for her, however, lost to a passerby. She paints these memories, whose importance to her she is not entirely sure, with faith in the viewer's capacity to relate to her veneration of the everyday.