Thomas Spoerndle

Region: Northeast

City / State: Brooklyn, NY

Part of an artist’s focus is the exploration of individual parts in relation to a whole. To address this, I have established a basic abstract visual language of systems and structures I apply in each painting. In this body of work, gridded layers of colors and shapes are interwoven to create a dual experience, one that fluctuates between the definition of forms in pictorial space and the reinforcement of the inherent flatness of the layers. When separated, each layer represents one of many possible modulations within my visual language. Taken together, they form an unreal but definite space, a unique expression defined by its internal relationships. As a whole, the work functions as an interface, positioning the viewer as maker. In this role, viewers’ comprehension of the work allows them to simultaneously deconstruct and reconstruct what lies in front of them, thus engaging one of my fundamental subjects—the act of looking.