Thomas Frontini

Region: Midwest

City / State: Cleveland, OH

 Thomas Frontini combines surrealist techniques of painting detailed foreground images with atmospheric backgrounds. The dreamlike imagery balances contemporary objects with historical scenes. His paintings explore magic in the mundane and draw from the transformative power of the subconscious. Frontini’s palette and technique are directly influenced by his Italian heritage and interest in Italian art history. With his incorporation of historical research into the modern day, he creates a dialogue across time—from the past, present, and future. His reference material is sourced from current topical issues that humans face, using metaphors to portray an intangible potential of the future. Immense landscapes stretch out around intricately painted flora and fauna. Thickly painted cliff faces and clouds are dotted with tiny details of futuristic habitats. Expressive abstract orbs are enwrapped in a volume of light and distance. In a carefully measured vagueness, Frontini’s paintings address not only the seen world, but a world of puzzling fantasies.