Theresa Krallitsch

Region: MFA Annual

Website: Http://

City / State: Iowa City, IA

Reconciling with weight carried by grief, I wonder where to start. It seems there is no beginning to an unknown end.

To exist in a state no longer burdened by mourning, I investigate materials from family members I’ve lost. Physical documentation marks moments that are gone. It is a window to the past, veiled by the curtain of time, a construct believed to mark progress. I map these territories as a catalyst for reflection.

Contemplating what may come next, my artistic process allows me to trust a physical real-ness that perpetuates life’s journey. While manipulating paper and textiles, materials that are inherently collapsible, I explore human behavior disguised in pattern. Seeking to navigate barriers that prohibit movement through unfamiliar space, I create barriers that silence unwanted noise. I address frustration with disorientation, of bodies, of time. By utilizing diverse processes (drawing, painting, digital imaging, printmaking, and sewing), I attempt to complete meandering thoughts, resulting in something reminiscent of another time, a time that no longer exists, or doesn’t yet.