Theresa Daddezio

Region: Northeast


City / State: brooklyn, NY

 Through the metaphor of the body as container, I explore notions of consciousness, fragility, and sexuality within a painting language indebted to the history of abstraction. I explore these spaces through an embodied concept of time and place to create an optical undulation between flatness and depth, vibrancy and subtlety. The paintings share a compressed visual environment where shapes take near-identifiable forms in a fleeting taxonomy of spatial and textural obfuscation that transforms marks into resemblances of flora, bodily vessels, and strata of earth. These forms relate to interior physiological space, as areas of texture and flat color overlap to heighten a visual sensation of disassociation. Warm earth tones contrast with more artificial palettes to aid in creating a dialogue between a natural and artificial physicality. Focusing on these spatial negations, I seek to create an emergent and psychological site where my paintings become manifestations of sensual experience, where the tangibility of the present interlocks within layers of memory.