Terry Leness

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.terryleness.com

City / State: Seattle, WA

The gray Northwest weather makes me hunger for intense sunlight, and I revel in both the visual abstraction of contrasting light and shadow and deep, saturated color. What began as simple studies of window reflections has become an ongoing exploration of a variety of architectural subjects. I’m exploring more, however, than the mere play of light on architectural forms. My chosen subject matter is eclectic and provocative: typically, early to midtwentieth- century houses reminiscent of my childhood, older commercial buildings, and careworn campers. The buildings and trailers I paint stand in silence, hinting at the lives of their occupants and suggesting the possibility of beauty and mystery in the ordinary.

We are continually assaulted by visual discordance in our chaotic and over-populated world, and I lament the lack of cohesion and creative vision in our attempts to control, sculpt, and manage our environment. However, brilliant light, deep shadows, strong color, and repetitive forms and patterns never fail to lend interest to even the most mundane subjects, and are the elements that most define my work.