Terri Lindbloom

Region: South

Website: http://unfold.space

City / State: Tallahassee, FL

As an artist I take an inter-disciplinary approach. Working predominantly within multi-media installations - both site-specific and non site-specific, I create environments in which people can walk into and interact with. Within these installations, I have incorporated video, sound, performance, digital imaging, and drawing. The raw materials I use may range from cotton batting, sheep's wool, and plastic bags to fabricated steel forms. My work is very conceptual and at times minimal and terse. The idea is most important and working out the best solution for the idea with whatever materials are appropriate to the idea – is what I am most concerned with. Viewer interaction is also important for the work to succeed.

In some of my current drawings, I have been investigating the internal "chatter" within the mind, editing it down to a few sound bytes. They too, have become minimal and terse. The drawings either stand-alone or are integrated within my installations. The creative roots of my installations come from my drawing investigations - they need each other to evolve.