Terri Dilling

Gallery Affiliations: Mason Murer Fine Art

Region: South

Website: http://www.terridilling.com

City / State: Atlanta, GA

My recent work has been influenced by wind and weather and all the things flying around in the air these days, both seen and unseen. Elements of nature are used as a means of exploring the blurred boundaries between internal and external landscapes. The paintings are part garden, part science lab and part dreamscape, reflecting a world that is complex, alluring, vulnerable and sometimes quite strange. I want to evoke a sense of precarious beauty, a phrase that probably best describes how I perceive the world.

Sources are gathered from my surroundings as well as from environmental subjects that I have researched. I work with layers, ambiguities, and the juxtaposition of one thing with another. There is often a flux between micro and macro, representation and abstraction, order and chaos, sacred and profane. I see my paintings as a kind of visual language that places these diverse elements into a dialogue, creating a context for discovery and meaning to emerge.