Terrence Campagna

Region: Midwest

Website: http://terrencecampagna.com

City / State: Ann Arbor, MI

My works are often made from materials I collect outdoors, usually while I’m out walking.

The act of walking connects me to my body and roots me to place. When I walk, my feet are, of course, on the ground. I’m breathing in the changing air. Visually, I’m taking in the details of my surroundings, and listening to whatever might be going on around me. I’m also intuitively feeling out which direction to move in— sensing where I want to stop and listen more deeply, or noticing what I’m drawn to collecting and taking back to my workshop. So, walking in my practice is less about getting somewhere on my feet, and more about being present and embodied in a place.

I bring this same embodied spirit into the studio, carefully joining materials piece by piece, step by step, until the work takes on a clear presence or character that I could not have imagined beforehand.