Ted Riederer

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.tedriederer.com

City / State: Long Island City, NY

I don't believe in much of anything, save the grace of my friends and family, but I have an implicit faith in the act of painting. As an accolyte of this art, I constantly seek to test and challenge this conviction.

In 2006, I visited New York psychic Steven Robinson in an attempt to contact dead romantic artists. Using my cell phone and photos of Caspar David Friedrich, Walt Whitman, Max Klinger, Herman Hesse, and Delacroix(among others), my psychic was able to commune with these Romantic spirits. Steven Robinson claimed I was a part of a Romantic Continuum, that I transcended time when I painted, and that painting took me to another dimension. Friedrich, apparently, has a psychic hand pushing me towards the canvases I paint.

My work seeks to honor these spirits that watch over me, in life and in art, and to celebrate my dedication to the Romantic tradition. Thank you!