Tanya Gill

Region: Midwest

 All of us are in a constant state of adjusting and remaking ourselves. We do so in order to live with others and adapt to a rapidly changing world. Each adaptation is woven into ourselves, changing us in the process: it becomes part of who we are, a revised self. Yet not all adaptations are seamless; often they leave an imprint we carry with us. In my work, I seek to visually articulate these imprints. Using darning, or by embedding thread, I bring together two different surfaces. Each piece is my attempt to fill a hole or gap in the original material. In doing so, two pieces are joined together to make a uni ed whole.

I often choose to darn and inlay holes in the shape of a home or building. I am fascinated by physical modifications to homes. I seek out these spaces, documenting them through photographs and drawings that I consult as I develop my work.