Tanmaya Bingham

Region: West

Website: http://www.tanmayabingham.com/

City / State: Lake Oswego, OR

Instinctual Feast is a series of five hand-drawn and painted artworks that represents the ever-elusive state of love. Incorporating religious objects, luscious fruits and vegetables, and animal forms intermingled with male and female figures, the works prompt the viewer to contemplate the many facets and faces of love—in all its mystery and spirituality. Through my work, I explore my own attachment to the concept of love—its pleasures and its pain—and what it means to be human. How does love connect with our humanity? That is a question that I grapple with and aspire to answer through Instinctual Feast.

These works are not intended to mock our devotion to love or to provide easy answers to its complex questions, but rather to present a doorway into its ever-evolving mystery.