Sydney Yeager

Gallery Affiliations: McMurtrey Gallery, D Berman Gallery, Holly Johnson Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Austin, TX

The idea of independent parts coalescing into a whole, only to collapse again into singular units, is one that has interested me for many years. Inherent in this idea is a sense of continuity, but a continuity constantly threatened with disintegration. It also suggests a state of suspension, where hierarchy yields to endless associations and connections.

In addition to these conceptual interests are more concrete references. Some are from the world around me, such as geologic formations, pixels, and atoms. Some are artistic references, including Italian mosaic, Pointillism, process painting, and pattern and decoration.

These diverse influences hold in common the theme of fragmentation. The question is whether these fragments are nostalgic reminders of a past presence, or conversely, the beginnings of a new form. The answer is never clear, which is why I remain interested in the question.