Suzanna Fields

Region: South


City / State: RIchmond, VA

I am interested in the beauty of failed order: processes of rejuvenation and oscillation, patterns that come undone, precarious moments and how the humorous can hint at the profound. I extrude, pour, spill and drip paint to create highly tactile surfaces utilizing the plastic qualities inherent in the medium. These processes create works that evoke a state of flux, a suspended moment, tinged with absurdity. A high-key color palette combined with varying degrees of translucency reinforces the sense of malleability and fluctuation in the work. Translucent red dots look like blood cells or candy, depending upon your perspective. An intermingling of high and low, contemplative and ebullient, the work reflects my experience of the world -- a mix of celebration, absurdity, bewilderment and unease.