Susan Logoreci

Region: Pacific Coast

I make drawings of contemporary urban landscapes. My colored pencil
drawings deal with modern themes of uncertainty and
longing within our cities. Pushing buildings and bridges to their
breaking point allows elements of abstraction to blossom within
their gestural and jovial forms.

Cities are large projects that shrink and grow over many
generations. It’s easy for the individual to feel small, as if we
were at the mercy of history, politics, and disasters—natural or
other. However, for better or worse, we create cities together, and
these manufactured spaces are where life happens at its fastest
and boldest: failure and fantasy, possibility and dread, hope
and disappointment, invention and destruction. My work calls
attention to these differences, awakening people to the contrasts
and possibilities in their cities and themselves.

Featured on the NAP/Blog:
February 25th, 2015