Susan Harrington

Region: West

The images that I have collected over the years and with which I have worked are all carriers of a long history of meaning. Small isolated figures, fragmentary heads, shadow play figures, and animals possess powerful visual identity and carry personal and cultural significance that are put together out of many layers.

I work with transparent and layered images because they are a lot like memories. Memory is multi-layered and often transformed as well as partially obscured from one to the next over time. Fragments of images are pieced together much as a psychic life is patched together during a journey to find and form an identity.

The more recent work is a series of symbolic portraits of women. The women are unusual and of particular interest to me in that they are foreigners living in a country that is not their motherland. How this dislocation has affected them and issues of identity and memory especially, childhood memory, have been important concerns that I address in this work.