Susan Cheal

Region: West

City / State: Denton, TX

Artists, scientists, mathematicians, psychologists and designers, in their attempts to quantify and qualify the inscrutable world around us, analyze and invent specific notations and languages which provide us with concrete visual systems. I am interested in these systems, and use their images, diagrams, marks and formulas in this series of paintings; attempting to decode and re-contextualize them. My aim is to produce a hybridized image that refers to these systems and their associations, yet is non-specific to any of its parts. I may combine a graphic representation of an expressionistic brushstroke from a past painting of mine with a corporate productivity diagram, or select motifs from a Ukiyo-e print or the design of a toy from 1950's.

My concept dictates the media I choose and the style in which I work. If my idea is too complex to be realized two-dimensionally, I turn to an installation or sculptural format. The contemporary artist has the opportunity to find sources and material for making art anywhere and everywhere. A unique synthesis of these sources into a provocative work of art is my constant goal.