Sung Jik Yang

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Glendora, CA

 My subjects for paintings are people I know quite well. I enjoy the process of making images of people I have met. I feel like I am making a visual diary that reflects the relatum. Their individual life stories and my interpretation/perception of them, along with the chemistry and bond between my subjects and me, are essential for me to conceptualize and visualize when I portray them. In that sense, drawing and painting are processes for me to get to know them better. My works demonstrate physical, emotional, and psychological structures of people around me. I think that the most rewarding aspect of being an artist is when my artistic creation helps people to express their sense of identity. I look for people who bring out an energy and beauty that cannot be explained in words, and I wish to show it through my paintings. I work with oil, and I typically make a painting in one or two days, because I like the effect of working in wet oil paint.