Sue Friesz

Region: Midwest

My recent work is characterized by free-flowing lines, giving it a sense of movement and balance. I also enjoy setting up a balance through the introduction of opposites. In my current work the opposites are two groups of acrylic paintings, both contain cropped images that are based on nature. The landform paintings focus on "the big picture" and are more of a macrocosm of nature. They show major movements in the land using formal elements, such as line, form, and color on a large scale. On the other side of the spectrum, the plant structure paintings are a microcosm of nature. They focus on small, close-ups of native plants in which the actual differences in leaf shapes and plant structures are described.

Movement is synonymous with line in my work. That makes the line significant in its many roles. It is the vehicle I use to first deconstruct the picture plane. This re-ordering of the composition is carried out very quickly, resulting in an exaggerating line. It is also the framework of my compositions. It can be very structural, or not, depending on how much knitting and weaving takes place across the picture plane.

My work is an ongoing mix of influences, artistic preferences, and ideas with nature as the lead player. Today, I am very conscious of what is happening to our natural world and that concern is always just beneath the surface of my work.