Subarna Talukder Bose

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Portland, OR

My paintings contemplate the microcosm in the macrocosm— human circumstances within the cosmic cycle. While the cosmos embraces diversity, we humans react to diversity with discrimination. I explore the constant interplay of these opposing stances. I try to capture the concepts of race, color, and identity as created by humans and consider where they belong in relation to the vast universe around us. The instinct to paint the subject also reflects my attempt to find my own place and deconstruct my own being.

The variation in pattern in my paintings depicts the diversity that we all are part of; the patterns fuse to express something larger, a system. Humans are part of this system, taking a certain shape and form, but fundamentally representing a force or energy. For the patterns, I draw inspiration from Mughal and Hindu architecture and Indian miniature paintings, which I have grown up seeing and admiring.