Steve Amos

Region: Midwest


City / State: Chicago, IL

The process of evolution inspires me. A chain of information must be created before any evolutionary process can occur. This information is passed on and transmitted in order to create something new. During this transference, the information becomes mutated as certain traits are either lost or picked up along the way. These mutations sequentially lead to alternate manifestations of the ideas and concepts that preceded them.

In my work, tension is created by the push and pull between drawing and painting. In some areas the drawing is squeezed out through the knotting and congesting of the pictorial space. In other areas the painting dissolves or dissipates to reveal the diagrammatic space. My desire is for the work to possess the refined qualities of painting, yet retain the immediacy and vitality of drawing. I am searching for that edge where the work can exist in a state of flux between the two. At the heart of the struggle is a quest for balance.