Sophie Grant

Region: Northeast

My paintings show organic rhythms, precision, and play. My work manifests an intuitive and contingent moving and culling of images through a physical process of searching. Within this intimate space, I am interested in movement that permits, creates, and liberates exploration and sensation. As I investigate ways in which images invoke tactility, liquidity, and illusion, I turn to drawing, with an emphasis on tangible contact and the physical transmission of information onto a surface. I make surface tensions through a direct engagement with materiality; processes such as rubbing, masking, stenciling, and staining coexist. Recently, printmaking and ceramics have provided process insights that contribute to new textural elements in my painting. Current influences and preoccupations include morphology, disembodiment, and divergence, empathetic relationships, and repressed affectivity; I am interested in diagrams, headstrong horticultural colors, shape transformations, and boundary shifts. In my work, presence and absence play off each other, creating space in which bewilderment and vulnerability become a powerful agent for experiencing invisible and unnameable alliances, and for reframing and reimagining relationships among multiple visions.