So Yoon Lym

Region: Northeast


City / State: North Haledon, NJ

The Dreamtime is inspired by aboriginal stories and creation visions. Each braided pattern, worn by students, is a map of the ancient universe, a topographical palimpsest of the world in pattern: valleys, mountains, forests, oceans, rivers, streams. The painter and the hair braider lay down their marks like their predecessor creator beings, carving and inscribing; they create and are in turn created by their labor. These braid patterns are the language for the new aboriginal, the transplanted and de-territorialized nomad.

The braid patterns both record journeys to the present and represent cartographical longings; they are a stamp of entry into a brave new world order, while simultaneously remembering prehistory. In the age of GPS cell phones tracking movement and satellite surveillance with biometric scanning recognition, the modern-day aboriginal wears his location like an imagetext on his head. Dreamtime is present-time for hair braiders and aboriginal students. They are the weavers of patterns, who recover the mythical past of the natural world and its creation through the transmission of age-old signs and images.