Skye Volmar

Region: Northeast


City / State: Philadelphia, PA

  Volmar’s practice explores her connection with Black and Haitian American (sub)urban girlhood, city settings, and the natural world. She communicates these intersecting identities through color, craft, material, movement, multiplicity, and repetition. She presents the beautiful and the ugly of her experiences as an offering to the collective.

Volmar creates art-objects that are often images with specific attention to craft—both domestic and ritual—and mixed media material, such as acrylic and oil paints, plastic barrettes, brown paper bags, colored pencils, crayons, rhinestones, and more. Her work is an enticing space for connection, selfreflection, and conversation. It is bathed in the energetic beauty, creativity, imagination, and innovation of Black femininity. Everything is made with admiration, care, and love for those who survive the complex trauma of Black girlhood in a world that perpetuates violence against them.