Shona Macdonald

Gallery Affiliations: Skestos Gabriele Gallery, d.e.n. contemporary art, Cynthia Reeves Gallery

Region: Northeast

"Topomnesia: Remembrance of place, especially that informs a painter's rendition of a place or region he or she has once experienced in first person; in such memory, the place or topos constitutes the major theme or primary concern, though not necessarily in an explicitly topographical manner".
–Edward S. Casey, 'Representing Place: Landscape Painting and Maps', University of Minnesota Press, 2002

Through this work, I am finding ways to decode the signs and myths inherent to maps, re-investing their ostensibly utilitarian function with personal narrative. I am interested in the tension between place that is longed for and place that is lived in. This tension is realized through imagery that I fragment then seam back together. Singular mapped lines representing borders or coastlines are repeated in multiple, transforming one notation of space into another. By rearranging and reorganizing certain features and structures, I attempt to reclaim my relationship with significant places in my memory. Space then transforms into place, when according to Yi-Fu Tuan, "it feels utterly familiar to us".

It is my intention that these conflations of memory and place provide both a new lexicon of experience for the viewer and an understanding that true connection with place lies beyond the parameters of mapped terrain.