Region: Midwest

Website: https://www.hesees92.com/

City / State: Chicago, IL

 S.H.Kim is working on a “picture diary” project. These works recount his memories of everyday encounters such as with scenery, movies, or books. With ordinary scenes and popular images as his source, the artist constructs a subjective archive.

Kim’s works show simplicity, sincerity, and authenticity. The materials he uses—oil pastels and oil sticks—give viewers intimate feelings when they see his paintings. With his paintings, Kim shows how contemporary film and literature with distinct characteristics are reduced down to uniform colors when processed through a consumer.

Recently, Kim uses as reference animations that he watched in his childhood. With Japanese and American animations from the 1980s to the 2000s, he combines the nostalgia of those days with contemporary paintings, creating a new S.H.Kim painting series.