Shiri Mordechay

Region: Northeast

City / State: New York , NY

 My work is primarily ink paintings on paper, often with wire and beads media. It is vividly detailed and labor-intensive. I create individual elements consisting of fantastical characters, interiors, and landscapes, then assemble them into three-dimensional worlds that are immersive and sprawling.

I purposely maintain an approach of ambiguity toward my own psychological layers and those of my subject matter. I create my work piece by piece, one thing leading to the next. Like a trail of instinct. I want to preserve the enigma of my unconscious and not be inhibited by the ego.

My work has cinematic elements as it passes through time and space, like scenes in a film—or a dream. It acts as a vacuum that sucks in information while spitting out bodily fluids, humor, horror, fear, and pleasure.

Many elements in my work are painted in what I refer to as a “classical” style. I think the classical can be associated with beauty. It is seductive, like the forbidden fruit promising to lure you into heaven and hell.