Shilpi Gupta

Region: West


City / State: Boulder, CO

In my work, self-portraits are created within spheres of subtlety. Here, transformational states of awareness and growth are contemplated. I have always been attracted to the essence of subtlety, and to the wealth of knowledge, beauty, and intensity it can dictate.

In these works, the figures exist in a minimal, silent space. They emerge from simple and stark tones using the Cyanotype printing process, or are drawn within a limited color palette. The subtle gestures of the figures, coupled with sparse elements of line drawing, string, and tracing paper, intensify the figure's experience. The figures often assume a stance of stoic resolve, thus becoming witnesses to their exploration or transformation.

My current series of work includes the presentation of figures within the style of a continuous narrative. While the majority of my work is in the form of 2D self-portraits, I also enjoy exploring the mediums of video, installation, and interactive art.