Sherre Sorrell

Region: South

Although I always strive for realism, I am not a photo realist. All my work is drawn free hand. Superimposing multiple layers of color to achieve shape and depth is a time consuming process, limiting me to about three paintings a year.

While eating breakfast at the popular pancake house in Selma, I gazed at the faded blue sign hanging outside the window and began to explore the possibility of painting a series of old neon signs.

The early morning sunlight bouncing off the clear glass tubes was blinding and the shadows cast by the tubes across the face of the sign resembled ancient hieroglyphics. I realized that the contrasts of the reflecting glass and the distorted shadows creeping across the patinated metal lent itself perfectly to my painting style. The challenge would be to capture the illusion of glass tubes suspended above the surface of the sign. I also wanted to create a sense of height with the sign hanging above the viewer’s head.

These old signs have a natural narrative quality, as well as a sense of mystery, two elements which I have always found compelling in the works of other artists whom I admire.