Sheri Warshauer

Region: Northeast

My paintings are an analysis of contemporary upper class society. My current work looks at the interiors of well-to-do individuals. I am interested in both architecture and interior design, and how they are impacted by modern culture. Upon investigation of the households of affluent American people, I find there are a number of architectural styles that predominate. My paintings record of these trends, but more importantly serve as a channel into the consciousness of the individuals that live with in the homes.

The manner in which people design and decorate their houses can provide a unique insight into the homeowner’s style and taste. I see a person’s residence as a reflection of him or herself. Therefore, if we look at the way people structure their own environments we begin to understand their psyches. People are able to indulge themselves through their habitat. A house is often an illustration of one’s status and success, as well as a place for comfort and serenity.

While the paintings show how people use their homes as a place to express their individuality and style, there is also a darker side to the beautiful and affluent abodes I paint. My work is a commentary on the obsessive and materialistic nature of contemporary society. My paintings observe how omnipresent consumption and collection has become in American culture. Many of the quarters I paint are places filled with art and antiques. There objects are often used a diversion from our hectic lifestyles and as a way to maintain peace of mind. However, one could argue that the modern home reveals that pathos of a society consumed by materialism and wealth.