Sharona Eliassaf

Region: Northeast


City / State: Flushing, NY

Unexplained phenomena, artificial light, and the relationship of painting to social change are subjects that are central in my work. I often approach a painting as if it were a performance in a dysfunctional theatrical play. As if producing for a film set, I build up moments by choreographing values of light and dark, creating tensions, and reconfiguring what looks familiar to appear new or strange.

I am continually trying to define a line between abstraction and figuration. I see my canvases as stagelike spaces where I can manipulate my own sublime and weave cryptic narratives for viewers to decode.

My source material comes from personal experiences, as well as ideas and images from newspapers, television, and overheard conversations. I am drawn to dual and alternate realities, such as mysterious relationships that form in nature, or the deepest fears that dwell within everyday life. Clipping images from my experiences and the media, I strip them of their stories, allowing me to destabilize absolute meaning in my paintings.