Sharon "Wren" Rogers

Region: South


City / State: Silver Spring, MD

I start my paintings with a blind contour or a blind drawing-drawing without looking at the paper. The line created informs me where to place color.

My color palettes are gathered from the natural environment. I carry a small set of watercolors and mix the colors that surround me-a lone weed or the blue reflection of the sky in the neighborhood pond. I then take these colors back to the studio and apply them to a line drawing.

I am interested in how color and line combine into a new landscape or space. Drawing without looking at the paper gives me freedom to draw while standing, looking-up or looking-down, sitting, or squatting. Each different position allows the drawing to be read in a more omni-directional manner. I want to create paintings that are omni-directional as if the perspective is not fixed and resides in the viewer. By using blind drawings and relational color I hope to capture the essence or soul of what I am drawing.

To capture the essence-what is it that delineates a bird, a snake?

Distilling down through line and color and shape.
character: defined by blind contour/drawing
shape: defined by outline color = sound = essence
essence reflected in the vibration and represented as line

are we not everything simultaneously?

The collapse of the picture and the formation--elusive, undefined, becoming or dissolving. Sometimes the painting controls me; other times I control the painting. Acall and response--when I am good.

what do you see?