Shannon Cannings

Gallery Affiliations: Anya Tish Gallery, Charles Adams Gallery, Divergence Fine Art

Region: West

My paintings are sometimes funny, nostalgic, innocent, literal, and kitsch. My work explores Americana, consumerism, and the plastic veneer that we spread around us and call comfort.

My most recent subject matter, toy guns, is more apparently subversive than my past work. I have two small children, and I am increasingly more aware of mixed messages in advertising, and how my four year old tries to figure out right from wrong. As a parent, I am supposed to guide her through these decisions. As an artist and a consumer, I am drawn to the bright colors and thrilling packaging. I try to make these objects appealing and strong, so that the viewer is as absorbed by the formal beauty of the objects as I am. But there is always a question in my mind about glorified violence and lessons learned. So for now, we have toys for kids, and toys for mom hidden in the studio.