Shane Tolbert

Gallery Affiliations: McClain Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Santa Fe, NM

I believe in routine and repetition. Continuity leads to agency. I rise with the sun, sip on my favorite coffee, and scroll through the same bookmarked websites. Throughout the week, I accumulate an entire workday’s worth of time sitting in traffic, listening to talk radio. Banter is banter, and I love banter. Same agenda, different content. In the studio, everything is considered; I prefer the act of painting to be flexible, but the end result to be reflexive. I think about what can or might happen. For me, repetition is a sign of focus, and I routinely push repetition until I lose my focus. Stubbornness spawns surprises, and forces me to take a detour. The detour becomes my new direction. Same agenda, different content.