Shalen Stephenson

Region: MFA Annual

I work within the realm of abstraction, exposing the visually unknown through a process of superimposing layers of paint and other materials on a substrate. I am interested in incorporating materials and processes from traditional painting practices along with commercial and industrial applications. I continuously build on systematic modes of production while also trying to disrupt and counteract my personal desires to create a harmonious composition. I am fascinated with creating and referencing contemporary visual languages, subsuming, appropriating, and abstracting imagery from my immediate surroundings. Abstraction becomes integral to the painting’s ability to access information through ancillary approaches to image-making. My work references urbanity while exploring the methodical and systemic experiences these spaces provide, in particular the interpolation of inescapable visual stimulation within densely populated environments. In my work, I attempt to recreate my personal experiences that have been formed by and within these spaces.