Seth Clark

Region: Northeast


City / State: Pittsburgh, PA

My work focuses on deteriorating architecture. I see an inherent honesty in the face of my subject. These manmade structures, designed to be huge forces of permanence, are now collapsing in on themselves. Among all the clutter—the shards of wood and layers of rubble—there remains a gentle resolve. It is as if the buildings were content with their circumstance. As I work, I incessantly study these structures. They are on the brink of ruin, yet appear dignified. Something very energized and present is trying to escape out of a slow history of abandonment.

These images are created through an ambitious layering process. I collage with found paper to reflect the fragmented and complex tactility of decay. Once a dimensional foundation is achieved, various mixed media are used to bring definition and depth to these raw materials. The processes of collage and drawing alternate, leading to a seamless blend of the two mediums.