Serena Perrone

Gallery Affiliations: Cade Tompkins Projects

Region: Northeast


City / State: Utica, NY

My work involves ideas about solitude, hope, longing, self-reliance, dependence, and metamorphosis.

I create a mythology of myself and those close to me, drawing on experiences, memories, and invented fictions.

When creating, I look to memories of places and the emotions that are tied to those places. To allow emotions and memories to manifest themselves visually is a form of sublimation to me.

My tendency to blur the lines between fact and fiction, the tangible and intangible, the experienced and the imagined, leads me to this imagery. My work reflects my longing for and break from the familiar, home, and both the near and distant past. I create scenes within these constructed and theatrical spaces, and depict the drama that unfolds within and between my characters.

I explore these themes through imagery which combines drawing and painting with woodcut, silkscreen and intaglio methods, creating series of works in which different symbolic characters encounter and interact with one another.