Scott Ingram

Gallery Affiliations: Emily Amy Gallery

Region: South


City / State: Atlanta, GA

My work comments on the built environment, its ephemerality, and the impact of man and his policies, politics, and polemics. For all the strength engineered into buildings, they are quite fragile, and it is this dual nature that often provides context for my work. My interest in architecture—modern architecture in particular— stems from the discipline’s attention to material, especially the move from traditional building materials like wood and brick to nontraditional materials such as glass and steel. My own work references these modern building materials, but does so by subverting them.

My work is full of references to pop culture, design, architecture, and art history, and I typically mix and match sources. I often try to insert humor by recontextualizing familiar, everyday materials in new and interesting ways. The built environment is a rich source of material, and it is something everyone is familiar with, so the challenge becomes to take the expected and make it unexpected. This challenge ultimately drives much of my work.