Scott Grow

Region: MFA Annual

The artist Isamu Noguchi once stated, “You can find out how to do something and then do it or do something and find out what you did.” It is this philosophy that drives my studio practice.

I have long been fascinated by process, experimentation with material, and contemplation of space, form, and the refraction of light and color across a surface. Through a multilayered application of paints, pigments, and resin, I create not only an illusionistic space but a physical depth into which to delve. The materials are often pushed, pulled, poured, splattered, and sprayed. Looking, searching, until a moment arrives when the work begins to take form. The process of making these works is an exploration in and of itself, one without predetermined destination. My hope is to encapsulate an essence of nature, the alchemical wonder of natural phenomena, through the mediums of painting and sculpture.