Sarah Sharp

Region: South

There is a visible energy within my art that is influenced by spontaneity and choreography, along with the concept of construction and deconstruction. Some marks are reactionary in time, shape, and color while others are analyzed prior to placement. This duality informs the compositions, which are founded on patterns of movement, extension of time, and the development of pattern within a structure.

The motivations that drive my art work are the continuums of the perpetual. The relentlessness of the senses and playing with the dynamitic accumulations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch originates each composition. However, the axis of my art work pertains to the impossibility of singular isolation of the auditory component. Individual surroundings are full of multiple sounds, some arbitrary and others not. Listening to each vibration, I closely respond to how noises move, fulfill, expand, rotate in time to create distinct rhythms and tones that are constantly echoing through and enclosing on a specific environment.

Working from white noise, I visually define the rhythm, movement, and tone of an auditory sensation through the use of mark and color; thus eternally imprinting an interpretation onto a canvas or paper surface. This obsessive and constant concept is emphasized through the repetitive use of the circle, the shape that best represents rotating intellect. Emphasizing this singular form allows contextual development of the circle within the picture plane without distorting the overall content of the artwork.