Sarah Fairchild

Gallery Affiliations: Rebecca Ibel Gallery

Region: Northeast


City / State: Jersey City, NJ

Growing up in a small town in northwest, Ohio, I often helped my mother and grandmother pull weeds and plant seeds. This early exposure to gardening and nature has inspired and informed my work. I am moved by the ordinary forms and objects that surround us–weeds and plants that I observe everyday on the highways and roadsides throughout Ohio. My intent is to give life, vibrancy, and importance to these common forms. The paintings of flowers are intended to be modern versions of the classic botanical print.

I paint with fluorescent color, which is typically associated with the garish, sterile nature of neon signs, rather than the elegance and beauty of fine art. I am drawn to the visual impact and scintillation that is created through the use of fluorescent color. While this effect may be difficult to glean from a photographic image, when viewed in person, the impact is undeniable.

The use of the silhouette allows me to capture the essence of forms; it is simple and understood collectively. At first, the paintings have a flat graphic quality but quickly transcend into much greater dimensions. The surface has a tactile quality that comes alive through the use of punched holes, grommets, metallic surfaces and the liberally painted surfaces of the silhouetted forms.