Sarah Awad

Gallery Affiliations: James Harris Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast


My work combines formal investigations of space with a philosophical consideration of politics. The work suggests the possible reconsideration of existing power structures through an examination of historically locatable found images. Subjects range from social rituals to the historical development of the state, particularly dealing with the relationship between ceremony and spectator. The paintings address the anthropological relationship of one body to another, or the body to landscape, such as the manipulation of the landscape to receive or to conform to the body. The inclusion of boundaries or barriers, pictorially depicted as well as suggested metaphorically through the handling of paint, raises questions about the accessibility of information for the subject and the viewer. Formally the paintings hinge around moments of rupture, which appear to structurally support the dominant space while simultaneously existing in a secondary conflicting space.

Featured on the NAP/Blog:
February 26, 2014