Sara Stites

Region: South


City / State: Miami Beach, FL

Sensual Grotesque
From sketchpad to small drawing to larger drawing, this work evolves from a line drawing to a watercolor and ink embodiment of animal, human, and found form that seems reasonable and monstrous at the same time.

The intimacy of hair and skin, recognizable to our private selves, is at once unsettling and gratifying. Although we think of ourselves as unique, our sexuality ties us undeniably to nature. The fluid slippage between human and animal reminds us - for better or for worse - that we are not as evolved as we would like to think.

The multiplicities of cloning, regeneration, and biological manipulation are an undercurrent, but my goal is to affect the vewer personally rather than politically.

Thus the work is not intended to shock but to create a moment of revelation, a space in the mind of the viewer that can be both relief and intrigue.