Sara Schneckloth

Region: South


City / State: Columbia, SC

My drawings originate from physical reactions to remembered events. Paying attention to my own bodily state ñ rushes of adrenaline, tightening of muscle, knotting of the gut ñ I generate forms that function as markers of lived experience. My figures and spaces are organic and visceral, imagined biologies alluding to an interior dissected and penetrated. Taking an analytic step back, I arrange and connect, seeking systems of thought, anatomies of experience.

I believe that the act of drawing is a way of residing in multiple states of awareness ñ of present, past, future ñ of what one is, has been, and hopes to become ñ of the physical, the mental, and the formal. I draw as a way to see more deeply, both inside and out, and to elevate the act of seeing to a process that is fully engaging of both body and mind.

In the gesture of a drawing, there abides the question of how human beings hold memory. I care about how the body holds its history, and how that recollected history can be performed through the act of making embodied signs.